A Coaching Moment with Joe Parent

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In this week’s episode of The Pulse Experience podcast, host Edward J. Beltran welcomes Joe Parent, a certified pulse coach, master facilitator, and head of learning. Joe is not only a great person but also a mentor to Edward, helping him navigate blind spots. The conversation delves deep into Joe’s coaching journey, his motivations, and the rewards he finds in helping others improve.
Joe Parent shares his extensive coaching experience, the rewards he finds in helping others, and his passion for Fierce. Listeners gain insights into the power of conversations, self-awareness, and the practical application of Fierce tools.
Joe has been coaching for about 15 years, formally and informally, working with direct reports, peers, and executives. His natural curiosity and interest in people, coupled with a desire to help others become their best selves, led him to embrace the coaching role. Coaching is one of the roles Joe enjoys the most, and it aligns perfectly with his passion for personal growth and improvement.
Story Notes:
🟧 Satisfactions of Being a Coach
🟧 Challenges and Obstacles in Coaching
🟧 Joe’s Background with Fierce
🟧 Impactful Tools and Practical Application
🟧 Favorite Fierce Concept: Conversations with Myself and Others
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