Accountability for Emerging Leaders

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In this episode of The Pulse Experience podcast, host Edward J Beltran interviews Joe Parent, a certified pulse coach and head of learning. They discuss the topic of accountability for emerging leaders, focusing on a high-stress executive transitioning to a leadership role in sales. The guest, Joe Parent, shares insights about an individual who recently took on a leadership position after being a successful individual contributor. They explore the challenges and stressors this leader faced, including self-awareness, monitoring stress levels, and unexpected spikes in stress.
Joe Parent emphasizes the importance of addressing micro stressors and having open conversations to promote accountability and support team members. They delve into the Coachee’s frustrations with the performance of their colleagues and the struggle to balance personal and team accountability. The episode highlights the significance of personal accountability, having the right conversations, providing feedback, and sharing insights to help others achieve success. The story is still unfolding as the Coachee takes steps to implement these changes.
Story Notes:
🟧 Joe’s Coaching Experience
🟧 Challenges of Transitioning to Leadership
🟧 Uncovering Hidden Stressors
🟧 Frustration with Peers’ Performance
🟧 Embracing Accountability and Taking Action
🟧 The Power of Conversations and Feedback
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