Anatomy of a Relationship

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In this episode of The Pulse Experience podcast, host Edward Beran, CEO of Fierce Inc., discusses the importance of self-awareness in managing stress with guest Chantell Brant. They explore the concept of the anatomy of a relationship, which is a needs analysis that helps manage relationships. The episode’s coachee is a mother of adult children who is struggling with the relationship with her kids. Chantell explains that a needs analysis is critical to managing relationships, and through coaching, she helped the Coachee understand her own fear of rejection that led to a codependency with her kids.
The episode emphasizes the importance of healthy boundaries, communication, trust, intimacy, and self-awareness in relationships to manage stress. The Pulse app is introduced as a tool to track stress levels and provide guidance to tackle stressors with skill and gain sustainable resilience.
Together, they discovered that her fear of rejection had created a codependency, which was the reason for her stress. By dissecting the anatomy of their relationship, they were able to decrease her stress levels by approximately 11%. The Pulse app, which utilizes biometric feedback, helps individuals identify stressors and gain sustainable resilience.
Story Notes:
🟧 What is The Anatomy of a Relationship Framework
🟧 Struggles in evolving relationships
🟧 Discovering Own Fears of Rejection
🟧 Self-Awareness and Self-Management
🟧 Healthy Boundaries are Important in All Relationships
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