Coaching Spotlight with Scott Winter

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This week on The Pulse Experience podcast, host Edward Beltran welcomes Scott Winter, CEO of Brain-Friendly Dynamics, to talk about his background in neuroscience and performance management. Scott shares his passion for helping individuals and teams thrive and discusses his work in building resiliency in communities after natural disasters.
Edward and Scott also discuss the importance of struggling effectively and accepting challenges as part of the process. They emphasize the need for self-awareness and state management to cope with stress and make good decisions. Scott shares his experience with using heart rate variability as a tool to help individuals down-regulate after traumatic experiences and build resiliency.
They also discuss the relevance of resilience in corporate America, especially in the face of current challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. Scott emphasizes the importance of proactive collaboration and preparation to be ready for potential crises. They also touch on the impact of mindset on health and stress management, highlighting the benefits of having a positive and resilient mindset.
Ed and Scott also explore the power of Pulse Health in helping individuals unlock their potential, build resilience, and thrive in a community-driven approach. Learn how to listen to your body, embrace cognitive literacy, and develop practices that lead to a healthier, more balanced life.
Story Notes:
🟧 Leadership Development and Collaboration
🟧 The Role of Self-Awareness and State Management in Coping with Stress
🟧 The Inspiration Behind Pulse Health
🟧 Understanding Body’s Signals
🟧 The Power of Practice
🟧 Simplifying Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
🟧 Resolute Rooted in Resilience
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