Entrepreneurial Stress

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In this episode of The Pulse Experience podcast, host Edward J Beltran welcomes Chantell Brandt, a seasoned coach who has helped entrepreneurs overcome the challenges they face on their journey. The discussion revolves around the difficulties and doubts that arise when embarking on an entrepreneurial path. Chantell shares her insights and experiences in coaching an entrepreneur who was at a critical juncture in his career.
Chantell provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and the importance of seeking feedback and guidance. The Coachee’s story highlights the emotional toll of entrepreneurship and the need to find a balance between financial obligations and personal passions. Through Pulse, he gains self-awareness, identifies necessary adjustments, and begins to shift his perspective. Join us next week for another insightful episode of The Pulse Experience podcast.
Story Notes:
🟧 The Struggle to Pay the Bills
🟧 Emotional Toll and Seeking Help
🟧 Uncovering Self-Awareness through Pulse
🟧 Shifting Perspective and Investing Wisely
🟧 The Struggles of Entrepreneurship
🟧 Seeking Help and Finding Balance
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Embarking on an entreprenuerial path

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