Going Silent

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In this episode of “The Pulse Experience” podcast hosted by Edward J Beltran, this week’s guest Chantell Brandt, a certified pulse coach, discusses her coaching experience with a male client who believed that showing emotions was a sign of weakness. Chantell highlights the importance of not avoiding emotions and explains how suppressing them can lead to stress and negative impacts on relationships. Chantell shares her client’s pattern of going silent instead of addressing issues that upset him, and how this behavior has affected his personal and professional life.
Edward and Chantell also explore the concept of gradually, then suddenly, where unresolved issues eventually cause significant problems. Chantell introduces the Pulse app, which helped her client become aware of his stress levels and the need to address underlying issues. They discuss the negative coping mechanisms used to suppress emotions and the detrimental effects they can have. Through coaching sessions, Chantell helped her client understand the value of emotions and the impact of suppressing them.
Edward and Chantell worked on labeling and understanding emotions, triggers, and the importance of expressing oneself authentically. Chantell emphasizes the necessity of emotional connection in communication and the need to model the behaviors one expects from others. They delve into the challenges faced in military environments, where emotions are often discouraged, and the importance of addressing emotions to improve relationships and decision-making. Chantell concludes by highlighting the significance of self-awareness, self-management, and the ability to express emotions constructively for sustainable resilience.
Story Notes:
* Silence Doesn’t Eliminate Stress
* Gradually, Then Suddenly
* The Pattern of Silence
* Suppressed Emotions
* Negative Coping mechanisms
* The importance of emotions
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