Losing Motivation as a Top Performer

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1) In this week’s episode, Edward J Beltran is joined by Kari Loken, a certified Pulse coach and Fierce Master facilitator, to discuss the challenges faced by a Coachee in pharmaceutical sales who’s experiencing burnout despite being a high performer for over a decade. Kari dives into the Coachee’s struggles and provides valuable insights on how to regain motivation and improve performance.
2) Kari provides an overview of the Coachee’s professional background, emphasizing his extensive experience in pharmaceutical sales, where he has been a top performer with strong industry relationships.
3) Kari highlights the power of conversations, both with others and with oneself. She emphasizes that stress is a significant factor that affects everyone, and using tools like Pulsehttps://onelink.to/znr6vk can provide valuable awareness even for those who may not typically be data-driven. The goal is to identify and address the micro stressors that accumulate over time and find ways to reduce stress levels.
Story Notes:
🟧 Understanding the Coachee’s Experience
🟧 The Power of Self-Awareness and Conversation
🟧 Creating Tangible Solutions
🟧 Embracing the Power of Data
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