My Company Let Me Go, Now What?

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In this episode of The Pulse Experience podcast, host Edward J Beltran, CEO of Fierce, engages in a compelling conversation with the renowned master facilitator and certified pulse coach, Chantell Brandt. Returning as a guest on the show, Chantell Brandt delves into her recent coaching experience with a coachee facing a critical crossroads in his career journey.
Edward and Chantell discuss the concept of “gradually then suddenly” in facing challenges. Chantell emphasizes the importance of managing one’s journey, even when circumstances shift suddenly. She underlines the need to shift from status-driven identity to embracing authentic growth and learning.
Chantell outlines the coaching process that led the coachee from reflection to action. She helps him redefine his aspirational goals and create a concrete plan to market himself effectively. Chantell highlights his commitment to tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in his personal growth journey.
Story Notes:
🟧 Unveiling the Coachee’s Dilemma
🟧 Exploring Aspirational Goals
🟧 The Impact on Relationships
🟧 Unpacking Stress and Self-Awareness
🟧 Navigating Gradual to Suddenly
🟧 Coaching Intervention and Progress
🟧 The Transformational Results
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