Hi everyone. It’s Ellen and I am one of the master facilitators with Fierce. I am also the Director of Learning Transformation and I’ve spent the last few months studying resilience. One of the concepts that I have come to love is recognizing…

What does it look like to have a resilient mindset?

I want to share that with you. It’s the three C’s of a resilient mindset. The first one is challenge, the second one is control, and the third is commitment.

Challenge is the belief that stress, everyday hardships; those moments are part of life. When we frame something that creates stress for us, that stressor is a challenge and an opportunity to grow instead of something that we need to dread or simply avoid or endure. We open up the possibility of learning from it and transforming our perception of that situation.

People with this attitude, welcome new situations, especially those situations that put them out of their comfort zone. They see them as opportunities rather than paralyzing events. They accept that change is a natural part of life, and they approach problems with that open mindset.

The second C is control, that’s the desire to continue to influence results no matter how tough things get.

Life is uncertain and large parts of life are beyond our control. The people with the control mindset of resilience, they’re able to recognize where they do have control and where they don’t and focus on where can I influence those results. They believe that focusing on influencing results, it’s going to continue to evolve and change and open up new opportunities.

The third C is commitment, which refers to our determination to commit to a resolution, regardless of what obstacles we have to face. It’s that belief that it is important to remain involved with events and people in that scenario, no matter how stressful it is, because we want to see it through, we want to get better results.

Resilient people possess a strong sense of commitment, and they have a compelling reason to get up in the morning. They have a purpose, and they also maintain deep and meaningful relationships with others. Knowing that when I hit a roadblock, when I’m in a tough spot in my life, I can tap into these people for encouragement, for support, for inspiration, so that I’m not giving up, but I’m moving forward or bouncing forward when I do fall into moments of hardship.

I wanted to share those 3 C’s with you, hoping that that might give you some inspiration. When you find yourself in a tough situation, how are you responding to it? Are you someone who jumps right in and looks to influence results and connect with your community and see it as a growth opportunity? Or are you someone who just begins to shut down? If that’s the case, how do you become a more resilient leader?

Thanks for watching, and check out our resilience workshop.

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